Portable Taping Table

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The Oakworks portable taping table combines a heavy duty construction, adjustable legs and a 500lb “hop and drop” dynamic load capacity to produce a combination of durability, comfort and versatility that’s hard to beat.

SKU: DM-97000


The Oakworks Portable Taping Table features a 500 lb dynamic load weight rating, making it a strong competitor for the strongest and most durable taping table available. Therapists will enjoy the covenience of being able to deploy this portable table either at home, in the clinic or on the sidelines.

The table also features adjustable legs that allow usage even on non level surfaces such as on the training field.

Oakworks Portable Taping Table: Key Features

  • Best in class 500 lb dynamic “hop and drop” load capacity;
  • Height adjustable between 32″ and 42″ to provide optimal usage comfort for atheltic trainers of virtually all heights;
  • Independent telescoping legs;
  • Heavy duty construction using powder coated aluminium with a marine grade black polymer top for added durability in outdoor conditions;
  • Highly portable with included carry strap.


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