Lister Scissors For Left Handers

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Lister scissors for left handers are designed to help southpaws size dressings and remove circumferential bandages.

SKU: DM-2045


Lister scissors for left handers are surgical scissors designed to meet the needs of left handed users. Like regular Lister Scissors, they are useful for sizing dressings and the removal of circumferential bandages. They can also be useful in opening the uterus when performing veterinary C-sections.

In addition to these uses, Lister bandage scissors may be used on tougher materials including fabric, plaster and umbilical cord.

The special features of these scissors include:

  • Angled jaws with lower blades that are slightly longer
  • The tip of the lower blade has a flattened blunt nodule designed to slide between bandages and skin without cutting the skin.


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