Intelect Vacuum Electrode Module with Therapy System Cart

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The Intelect Vacuum Module allows you to easily extend your Intelect Transport Combo (or any other Advanced Electrotherapy unit) to add vacuum therapy capability. For use by Healthcare Professionals only.

SKU: CH-2774


Chattanooga’s Intelect Vacuum Electrode Module with Therapy System Cart adds vacuum therapy capability to their popular Intelect Transport Combo unit. However, it can just as easily be added to any Intelect Advanced Electrotherapy or Combination unit.  It conveniently uses one of the storage drawers of the Intelect Therapy Cart. This unique positioning yields a number of advantages as explained below.

Vacuum therapy is a nonivasive way to lift your skin using suction cups. It has recently grown in popularity as a body contouring (fat reduction) technique based on liposuction. You can read more about vacuum therapy here.

Once installed, the Vacuum Module adds 2 Channel vacuum therapy capability to IFC units. If you need to add this capability to 4 Channel Intelect units instead, a second module can be installed in the Therapy Cart in a similar manner to the first.

By effectively leveraging your investment in your Intelect transport Combo, the Intelect Vacuum Module is a cost effective way to add vacuum therapy capability to your clinic.

Intelect Vacuum Module – Key features

The Vacuum Module has several unique advantages as described below:

  • The knobs are easily adjusted in order to customize cup strength to your patient’s needs;
  • Using the therapy cart’s storage shelves as described above facilitates gravity assisted draining into the unit’s reservoir;
  • The reservoir bin, once full, can be easily removed and cleaned;
  • The unit is also compatible with several alternative sizes of Vacuum Electrode Cup (purchased separately).



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