Discreet Women’s Protective Underwear

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Attends Discreet Women’s Underwear is pull on  underclothing designed to allow women with active lifestyles to continue pursuing their regular activities. Featuring a soft breathable fabric with a cloth like feel and a full belly elastic waistband to ensure user comfort allied to security. Core materials are designed to have a high moisture capacity and channel fluid away from the skin, this avoiding the skin problems sometimes associated with incontinence. Barrier leg cuffs and tear away side panels round out this complete solution for women requiring security from incontinence issues. Available in sizes Medium, Large & X-Large.

Attends Discreet Women’s Underwear is for the active individual who needs an alternative to briefs. The key features of this line of incontinence underwear is its soft, cloth like breathable fabric and its full belly elastic waistband. Together these offer a comfortable and contoured fit allied to security and dignity in use.

In addition to these features, the Discreet Women’s Underwear line incorporates advanced core materials  designed for their high moisture capacity and capacity to channel fluid away from the skin and keep it dry – the key to protecting long term skin health.

Barrier leg cuffs are built in and provide protection from leakage around the legs as well as added dignity and confidence.

Other key features:

  • Tear away side panels that facilitate quick and easy removal and replacement when required;
  • Dual Leakage Protection
  • Available in a range of sizes that guarantee that almost anyone will find the perfect fitting option.

Please consult the size tab for information that will help you find the ideal fit.

Medium - Waist Size 28" - 40"
Large - Waist Size 38" - 50"
X-Large - Waist Size 48" -64"


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