Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells – 5-Piece Set

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This is a 5 piece set of vinyl coated kettlebells that forms a great home exercise collection.

SKU: CD-10-3199

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The CanDo® Vinyl-Coated Kettlebells – 5-Piece Set comprises 5 vinyl coated kettlebells with one at each weight of 5, 7.5,10, 15 and 20 lbs.

These are a great option for rehabilitation, weight training and muscle toning. The vibrant coloring makes the weight of each kettlebell easy to identify. The vinyl coating on the weights helps to reduce the risk of the floor, walls or furniture. Each is clearly marked to indicate the weight in both pounds and kilograms.

Purchasable in 8 weights ranging from 5 to 30 pounds.


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