Hand-held Weighted Balls

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Handy Grip weight balls allow a wide variety of strength training routines without worrying about dropping the balls and getting injured.

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With CanDo® Handy Grip™ weight balls you will have the benefits of traditional weight training without the risks of using metal dumbbells that can slip from your grip.

The ergonomic shape of these balls simplifies getting a firm and safe grasp on them and their textured surfaces makes worries about dropping them a thing of the past. If you need still greater security. just strap the ball to your hand. The included adjustable strap will securely fit most users.

The ball is shaped like a football shape to facilitate getting a safe grip and the hand strap further improves user safety. With this combination, you can safely perform a wide variety of strength training and functional movements.

The balls may be purchased  in 6 progressively color-coded weight levels.


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