Vinyl Coated Dumbbell – 10-Piece Set

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Progressively color coded dumbbells that are coated in vinyl for increased user comfort and reduced risk of damage to flooring.

SKU: CD-10-0563

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CanDo® vinyl coated dumbbells are manufactured from cast iron and also have progressive color-coding to reduce the risk of picking up the wrong weight. Color coding also provides strong positive feedback to the patient as she progresses to full recovery.

These dumbbells are equipped with a vinyl coating that makes them easier and more comfortable to grasp. It also reduces the risk of scratching expensive floors when exercising at home.

Dumbells are ideally suited for upper body exercises but can also be used for physical therapy, strength training and muscle toning.

The Vinyl Coated Dumbbell – 10-Piece Set includes one pair of each of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5-pound dumbbells. Each dumbbell is clearly marked in both pounds and kilograms.


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