Chest Weight Pulley System

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The Chest Weight Pulley System can function as a key part of an injury rehab program and is available with one, two or three handles.

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The CanDo® Chest Weight Pulley System can be used as an important part of many injury rehabilitation programs.

The handle of the unit is mounted at chest height on the single handle unit. They are mounted at chest and floor height on the double handle unit while trip0le handle units have handles at  chest, floor and shoulder heights. Please note that a ceiling height of 10 feet is required to use a triple handle unit.

In addition to the number of handles, the buyer can choose choose either a single or dual tower set-up.

For additional customization, the unit’s handles can be adjusted to any starting height. To do this, simply adjust the rope slip to increase or reduce the length of the pulley rope.

Additional weights and handles are purchasable with the unit.


To use the Chest Weight Pulley system, just select your required weight level by inserting  the supplied pin into the weight stack.  Weight increments of 2 pounds are available.

Exercisers have been designed to be wheelchair accessible.


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