Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser

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The Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser is a versatile exercise tool designed for individuals who need to use a wheelchair and require increased arm strength for this purpose. Can be used with any standard width wheelchair either at home or under therapist supervision. Latex and silicone free.

SKU: CD-10-0690

The CanDo® Rickshaw Rehab Exerciser is designed for use an exercise tool for people who need to use a wheelchair and need to strengthen their arms and shoulder muscles.

Wheelchair bound individuals need higher than normal arm strength  are needed for wheelchair propulsion as well as  during transfer. It is also important for pressure reduction lifts.

For more information on using this exerciser, please review this video.

The Rickshaw™ Rehab Exerciser is designed to be ideal for either in home use or at clinical facilities while the patient is under a therapist’s supervision. Users can be facing either forwards or backwards from the machine. Additionally, it can be used with both arms in tandem or for  a single arm workout by simply removing the crosspiece.

This product has a heavy-duty steel construction that allows it to fit around the width of any standard wheelchair with ease.

It is also an excellent choice for those with allergic sensitivities to latex or silicone. It is both latex and silicone free.

Please note that the Rickshaw Exerciser does not come with free weights. These must be purchased separately – please see our weight plates.


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