MVP Balance System – Complete

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Balance training system that includes 3 different non-skid platforms (diameters 16″, 20″ and 30″), 10 color-coded instability balls (2 of each level from easiest to most difficult)  and a wall rack for convenient storage.

SKU: CD-10-1904


The CanDo® MVP® Balance System – Complete comes with the following components:

  • 3 different non-skid platforms (diameters 16″, 20″ and 30″);
  • 10 color-coded instability balls (2 of each level from easiest to most difficult); and
  • A wall rack.

You can adjust platform stability in order to create various levels of difficulty of the exercises. This will be important if you are following a progressive rehabilitation program in which the difficulty level increases as the patient returns to normal health.

The MVP® balance system is the ideal tool for improving:

  • balance;
  • coordination;
  • ankle and knee strengthening and rehabilitation;
  • ankle range-of-motion and flexibility;
  • core stability;
  • improved posture; and
  • proprioceptive training.

You can use any of the platform boards as a wobble board by inserting a ball is inserted into the center position.

Alternatively, it can be used as a rocker board by inserting 2 balls into opposing side positions. When doing this, you can position one ball off center for optimal improvement in Range of Motion and stretching exercises.

Please note when using this system that the smaller instability balls offer the least instability (easier exercises) while the larger balls offer the greatest instability (highest level of difficulty).

In addition, the larger the platforms, the less the instability (easier exercises).

Individual components can be purchased independently or in kits with or without wall hang storage racks.

The color-coded instability balls are compatible with the CanDo® Multi-Axial Platform System.


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