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10.5″ x 2.75″ x 5.75″

When you take possession of the Cramer fanny pack, you will see why it has become a popular choice among athletic trainers and coaches the world over as a versatile on the field first aid kit. Multiple pockets allow you to organize your gear just as you like and the pack can be worn either with or without a belt, depending on your preferences. A durable build based on the use of 1680 ballistic nylon rounds out a fanny pack that will give you a lifetime of reliable service.

SKU: 125CRA111000

The Cramer Fanny Pack features both a removable strap and sewn in belt clips, allowing you to choose whether to wear it with or without your own belt.

The removable strap can be used as a belt and extends up to 58″, thus providing a customized fit.

There are also multiple compartments to allow you to choose how you want to arrange your supplies to keep them within easy reach.

The fanny pack has been designed to help you attain the dual goals of keeping everything within easy reach while leaving both hands free to treat your patient.

The pack is also able to support a surprisingly heavy load despite its small size, thanks to the use of durable 168 ballistic nylon in its construction.


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