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  • VitalStim Plus

    VitalStim Plus System

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    The VitalStim Plus system is designed to help dysphagia patients recover swallowing ability with the use of both sEMS and neuromuscular stimulation (NMES).

    sEMG uses biofeedback signals to help the patient initiate the act of swallowing while NMES helps recruit and re-educate muscles used in swallowing.

    The VitalStim Plus unit is used under clinical supervision to assist patients undergoing therapy to rehabilitate their swallowing ability. The programs used can be either preset or customized to meet the needs of a specific patient.

    VitalStim Plus – Key Features

    • The NMES waveform is delivered in Co-Contraction mode with 4 separate channels delivering concurrent signals and pausing simultaneously;
    • The unit can be configured  to sequence the stimulation delivered by the different channels to match the natural swallowing sequence;
    • The electrical signals in the swallowing muscles are displayed on a screen and amplified into audible sounds. This feedback helps motivate the patient and encourage greater participation . In addition, clinicians benefit from the data they need to measure patient progress;
    • The unit provides sEMG biofeedback to help the patient initiate the act of swallowing and switches at a preset level to stimulation signals to improve muscle effort;
    • The VitalStim system includes educational videos that demonstrate valuable therapeutic exercises such as the Masako Exercise, and many others;
    • Screen mirroring technology projects the live treatment onto a computer or tablet screen and helps the therapist guide the patient’s therapeutic exercise and improve engagement;
    • Both sEMG and stimulation data can be stored and /or exported to a PC for report generation and/or analysis.