Wrist Splint

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Male patient being fitted with a wrist splint

A wrist splint is a special type of wrist brace that is equipped with a metal or plastic spoon or stay along the inside of the wrist. The spoon or stay may be removeable, allowing the patient to use the brace as a basic wrist support.

This type of wrist brace is designed for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that causes those affected to experience pain and difficulty when trying to straighten their wrists after a night’s sleep. Many individuals tend to bend their wrists while sleeping and the spoon or stay with which the wrist splint is fitted helps them to keep their wrists straight while sleeping. They will therefore experience less pain in the morning (or after a daytime nap).

Due to the function we have described above, wrist splints are most effective when worn at night or during a daytime nap. During the daytime, the spoon/stay may restrict wrist movement to the point that use of the hands to perform basic everyday tasks may not be possible. During waking hours, the user may find it preferable to remove the spoon or stay (which is possible with some wrist splint models) and use their brace as a basic wrist support. Used in this way, the brace will help to support weak or sprained wrists. If the wrist is weak, it will help to reduce the risk of a wrist sprain. Alternatively, a sprained wrist will receive the support it needs to heal quickly. A wrist splint without the spoon/stay will also help to reduce the pain of a sprained wrist.

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