Suggested Electrical Muscle Stimulation Products

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  • Cefar Rehab X2

    Cefar Rehab X2

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    The Cefar Rehab X2 comes with Cefar Easy Touch and a preset program with comfortable stimulation.

  • Intelect NMES Standard

    Intelect NMES

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    The Intelect NMES units are designed to prevent muscular disuse atrophy, re-educate muscles that have deteriorated due to such atrophy, increase range of motion and improve blood circulation.

  • Intelect® TranSport 2-Channel Electrotherapy unit

    Intelect TranSport 2-Channel Electrotherapy

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    The Intelect® TranSport 2-Channel Electrotherapy stimulation unit provides 2 channels of electrical stimulation currennt and also has a logical control system and large easy to read graphical LCD display. Each channel has independent intensity and parameter controls.

  • Primera tens/nmes

    Primera TENS/NMES

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    The Primera TENS/NMES unit is a versatile device offering both temporary pain control and muscle stimulation in a convenient and user friendly package.

  • chattanooga rehab stimulator

    Rehab 4 Channel Stimulator

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    The Chattanooga Rehab Stimulator comes with a host of advanced features to take your NMES and TENS therapy capabilities to the next level.