Masks & Respirators

Masks & Respirators provide protection from hazardous environments. The hazards in question may include particulates such as dusts or fibres. Alternatively, they may include gas or vapor hazards (e.g.  solvent vapors, chlorine gas) or a combination of different hazard types.

The first task in choosing the appropriate mask or respirator, therefore, is to understand the nature of the particular hazard against which you are seeking protection. You should choose the appropriate mask or respirator with this in mind.

Other important considerations in choosing from the selection of masks & respirators are:

  • Are the worker for whom the masks or respirators are intended also required to use other protective equipment such as safety glasses or hard hats? If so, it’s important to choose a respirator that workers can use together with other required equipment without compromising the effectiveness of either.
  • Are the workers who will be wearing the masks required to perform strenuous or arduous tasks? If so, you will need to find a respirator that they can wear without adding to the discomfort that they will already be experiencing from their daily responsibilities.

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