Dumbbell Mobile Studio Rack – 1100 lb Capacity

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This Mobile Studio Rack has a 1100 lb weight capacity and locking casters that keep it securely in place. Dumbbells are not included.

SKU: CD-10-0581

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The CanDo® Dumbbell Mobile Studio Rack – 1100 lb Capacityis a large scale dumbbell rack for professional use (e.g. by gyms or health clubs)

The Rack can hold 10 columns of dumbbells and also boasts locking casters in order to remain stationary.  Dumbbells will be stored with efficient use of floor space but will be properly organized and easy to find when needed.

Rack dimensions are 39″ L x 19″ W x 33″ H. Weight capacity is 1100 lb.  Please note that the dumbbells are sold separately and are not included with this unit.


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