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A walking boot is an orthopedic device used to stabilize the foot and ankle after receiving an injury like a severe sprain, bone fracture or torn tendon. These products are also known as walking braces, moon boots, or controlled ankle motion (CAM ) boots.

Walking boots can be used in lieu of cast boots when the objective is to restrict ankle motion but not necessarily the weight on the foot. One key advantage of a boot over a cast is that it is adjustable and reusable. Another is that you can remove the boot temporarily to wash and clean your foot. You can also remove the walking boot during sleep.

Walking braces can have an air bladder to reduce shocks to the foot. When they do, they are known as pneumatic boots. In addition, they can be either tall or short in length. Tall boots can reach to around the knee while short ones can reach approximately halfway between the foot and knee.

Most walking boots are sized, with the appropriate size being based on your shoe size. As with most orthopedic devices, correct sizing is critical. Please pay close attention to the charts accompanying each boot.

Some individuals who have been recommended to wear a walking boot sometimes ask whether one can walk with one. Our response would be that there may be some initial awkwardness due to the difference between the design of the boot and that of a regular shoe. Specifically, most CAM boots use a rocker sole with no flexibility in the toe area. However, after a few days, the patient should become used to the boot. He or she may find it useful to an aid such as crutches or a cane during that initial period.

You may find additional information about walking braces here.

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