Elbow Sleeve with Strap

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McDavid Hyperblend Elbow Sleeve with Strap

An Elbow Sleeve with Strap provides non targeted compression to the entire elbow but also can apply additional compression to a targeted area. This is generally the most expensive category of elbow brace that is available on the market but it is also the most versatile.

With the ability to apply targeted compression with the strap, you can use an elbow sleeve with strap to treat both tennis or golf elbow injuries. The strap can apply targeted compression to the medial and lateral elbow tendons that are the focus of pain among individuals suffering from tennis and/or golf elbow.

However, an elbow sleeve with strap is also able to apply general elbow compression to treat other less specific elbow injuries like muscle soreness or tiredness. Other elbow injuries such as olecranon bursitis or elbow strains are also treatable.

Adjustable Compression

Another important feature of an elbow sleeve with strap is adjustable compression. The strap usually fastens with Velcro or similar material. This means that it can be used to adjust the compression level as well as target its focus. As a result, the comfort level of the brace is customizable for individuals with varying elbow sizes and shapes. This in turn encourages high patient compliance, which is important for optimal therapeutic outcomes.

The adjustable  nature of the compression from an elbow sleeve with strap also means that its owner can opt to increase the compression from the strap before starting an activity that may stress elbow tendons and increase tennis or golfers elbow pain. For example, (s)he can tighten the strap before a sporting activity that may aggravate the elbow tendons (e.g. a game of golf) and then reduce it afterwards to increase the comfort level. This too is important to being able to wear an elbow sleeve with strap for extended periods without excessive discomfort.

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