Digital Infrared Thermometer

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A digital infrared thermometer can be used to control the risk of infection in workplaces, schools, religious services and other places in which large numbers of people may gather.

These thermometers make it possible to quickly take the temperatures of large numbers of people. In most cases, an infrared thermometer can take a temperature reading in 1 second with a high degree of accuracy (+/- 0.1 degrees Celsius). This would be a degree of accuracy comparable to that of a regular digital thermometer.

However, we would suggest caution in certain situations. For example, a digital infrared thermometer may not be so accurate when measuring the temperature of a shiny or reflective surface.

However, you can use a digital infrared thermometer to take someone’s temperature without getting physically close to the person and possibly jeopardizing your own health in the process.

A digital infrared thermometer also has the advantage of being easy to use. You do not need to be a qualified medical practitioner to use them. Most of these thermometers allow you to take someone’s temperature quickly by just pointing it at the forehead. For a more accurate reading, most of these thermometers allow you to read the temperature from the eardrum as well. You can also use some digital infrared thermometers to measure using a temporal artery as a measurement site.

Most viral infections signal their presence via an elevated temperature. In situations in which someone may be carrying such an infection, an infrared thermometer is invaluable. It represents an effective tool for ensuring that your workplace or social event does not become a “super spreader” event.

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