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The PQ Series Darco PegAssist™ insole is built around a multi-purpose removable peg insole designed to fit the HeelWedge™, OrthoWedge® and APB™. Removable pegs allow for localized pressure relief and the stabilizer board prevents the pegs from collapsing.

The PTQ Series Darco PegAssistinsole is designed to fit the Square-Toe MedSurg™ Shoe. It creates a cost-effective option for wound care that significantly reduces pressure postoperatively.

The PW version of the Darco PegAssist is intended for use with most walking boots on the market to allow the boot to become an offloading walker.

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The Darco PegAssist™ is an off loading insole system that features a multi-indication removable-peg chassis. This chassis effectively off-loads the plantar aspect of the foot after surgery or when wounds are present.

The PTQ Series PegAssist Insole is designed to fit the Square-Toe MedSurg™ Shoe. It creates a cost-effective wound care  option that significantly reduces postoperative pressure.

The PQ Series Darco PegAssist System is designed to fit the HeelWedge™OrthoWedge™ and other Darco off loading products.

The PW series of the Darco PegAssist is manufactured to be used with most walking boots on the market to allow that boot to become an offloading walker.

The included Stabilizer board maintains product integrity.

Darco PegAssist – Features and Benefits

  • Removable pegs allow for localized off-loading of wounds and ulcerations of the foot
  • Pressure reduced by as much as 60% while allowing patient to remain ambulatory
  • Each insole has a 15mm combination Plastazote® and Multi-Foam base with a 3mm Poron® cover.
  • The Poron® cover eliminates the incidence of ring edema and edge abrasion

Measure by Shoe Size

X-Small - Women's 4 - 7
Small - Women's 7.5 - 10 / Men's 6 - 8
Medium - Women's 10.5 - 13 / Men's 8.5 - 10
Large - Women's 13+ / Men's 10.5 - 12
X-Large - Men's 12.5 - 14

Three versions – PTQ, PQ and PW

PTQ Peg Assist –
This version is made to fit our MQ Series Med Surg shoe ONLY. Seven sizes. BLUE bottom layer EVA.
The Peg is a tri-laminated insole consisting of 10 mm dense EVA, 3mm Plastazote and 2mm Poron.
The 15mm combination presents a very effective combination of materials to effectively offload and relieve pressure from a wound of the foot or when post operative site pressure relief is desired.
A patient can receive targeted offloading of up to 65% pressure reduction to the site.
To heal an ulcer of the foot or DFU, you must offload and take the pressure off.

Unlike other knock off insoles on the market, the patient walks on the solid blue Poron top layer. They do not walk on the Pegs. The Poron surface provides support to the site but still maintains excellent pressure relief.
Other companies have the patient walk on the Pegs. This is not the proper way to offload.
1. The pegs will collapse into the offloaded area – defeating the purpose of the offload.
2. Ring edema can form around the edges of the wound, creating another issue to deal with.
The use of the included polybaord is a MUST to keep the offloaded area intact and preserve the integrity of the offload. The polyboard is an adhesive backed item that is meant to be placed on top of the peg portion of the insole once the pegs have been removed for offloading. SEE INSTRUCTIONS on the packaging.

The Peg Assist will last an average size patient about 6-8 weeks, depending on how much they ambulate.
The larger patients – 275 pounds and up, will get 3-4 use from the product under normal conditions.

If the Peg Assist rips or does not function as it should (within the 10 week warranty period), call me (304-781-5249) and I will replace it at no cost.

The PQ Series Peg Assist –
Same materials as the PTQ but this version has a BLACK bottom layer of EVA.
The PQ series fits the following Darco products –
APQ – All Purpose Boot
Duo Med Surg Shoe
Slim Line Cast Shoe
The PQ Peg Assist is a five-size product like the products mentioned above.
Same application process as the PTQ.

PW Peg Assist –
The PW Peg Assist is manufactured to be used with most walking boots on the market to allow that boot to become an offloading walker.
Many clinicians favor using a walking boot and offloading insole to relieve pressure from a DFU or post op site on the plantar surface of the foot. This combination mimics to some degree a TCC- Total contact cast – but without the time, cost and patient restrictions a TCC presents.
Once the clinician has offloaded the PW insole, the clinician places the insole inside the walker liner and the liner wrapped around the patient’s foot/leg. The patient walks on the insole. The PW polyboard has a Velcro strip in place to hold the insole inside the liner without slipping.


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