McDavid 4′ Planogram Display

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A visually appealing alternative to show case some of McDavids most popular braces.  This Planogram is designed to display braces from wrist, elbow, ankle, knee and back for the athlete who is recovering from an injury or just needs that extra protection.


Our 4 Foot McDavid Planogram Display assortments are available in two formats, both of which feature McDavid’s SportMed products. They are selections of the most popular ankle, back, wrist, elbow and knee braces from the line.

McDavid SportMed products are a popular choice among physicians and athletic trainers for those recovering from injuries. The products will both reduce the risk of injury and speed the return to recovery. They can be used to effectively treat both repetitive stress / overuse injuries like tennis elbow or acute ones like a sprained ankle.

McDavid has designed each product to meet a targeted level of protection, performance and comfort. Each product carries a rating of 1, 2 or 3 – primary, advanced and maximum respectively.

Our sales representatives will be happy to work with interested retailers to customize these displays to your requirements.

In addition to the initial customization, you can adjust your McDavid Planogram Display twice in the first 6 months after purchase with no restocking fee. You will be able to ensure you have the most popular products for your particular location and customers.


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