Incline Board

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The Incline Board is useful for stretching the upper and lower back as well as calf muscles in order to keep the tissues in these areas warm and supple.

The CanDo® Incline Board is designed to maintain a slant or angle that increases lower and upper back extension and also stretches the calves.By keeping the back and calf muscles warm and supple, it helps to reduce the risk of common injuries like back or calf sprains (in addition to many other related problems).

The Incline Board is manufactured from a heavy-duty composite plastic that gives excellent durability.

The Board angle of incline can be adjusted to 4 settings.  It also can be folded flat (3-inches) and easily stored in a compact space.

Angle settings are 0°, 5°, 15°, 25°, and 35°. The top of the Board is non-slip for user safety and has dimensions 14″ x 14″.

In addition to the above features, you can use the the last slot on the board as a hand-hold when performing other stretching exercises.


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