Switch Sticks Walking Sticks

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Our Switch Sticks Walking Sticks 6-pc Counter Display represents a stylish assortment of portable walking sticks designed by acclaimed comtemporary artists and designers.

The Switch Sticks Walking Sticks 6-pc Counter Display is an attractive assortment of stylish walking sticks in various colours. The sticks come in a variety of styles but they are all products of acclaimed designers and artistes.

Each stick features a wood handle, Velcro band,wrist strap and rubber tip that combine to create an understated elegance. You can also fold them into a compact bundle stored in a supplied water resistant bag for easy portability during plane, train or car trips. Each comes packaged in a stylish box that matches the elegant stylishness of the stick itself.

In addition to the above features, each stick is height adjustable in one inch increments between 32 inches and 37 inches in order to comfortably fit a wide range of user heights. Made of aluminium, they are extremely light (adding to their portability) and weigh in at just 13.5 ounces. Despite their light weight, they are capable of supporting a weight of up to 264 lbs.

Walking is one of the most healthy forms of exercise and is a fun recreational activity for people at all ages. The sticks in the Switch Sticks Walking Sticks 6-pc Counter Display are a stylish aid to enjoying this pastime and look much more like a fashion accessory than they do a walking aid.

In addition to their traditional use as a form of support, these walking sticks will come in useful during a walk as a tool to clear grass or shrubbery. You can also use one to provide support when going up a slope or to control your speed when traveling downhill.

Switch Sticks Walking Sticks 6-pc Counter Display – Key Features

  • Display ships in assembled and packed form
  • Cash and carry walking sticks offering a powerful incremental sales opportunity
    with a limited in-store footprint
  • Featuring unique walking stick styles and designs that will promote impulse purchases


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