Moleskin Roll

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  • The Rolyan Moleskin roll is a reliable solution to your need to protect sensitive areas from excessive friction. A self adhesive material with a soft 1/16 in padding, it is useful for protecting against blisters, turf burn and other similar abrasive injuries.
  • It can also be added to a tape joint job to make it even stronger and protect the tape itself from damage.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes but can always be cut to precisely the size and shape needed to protect a specific area.
  • Sold as both strips and rolls.

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The Rolyan Moleskin roll helps reduce friction on troublesome areas. The paper backing facilitates simple and painless changes. The roll is self adhesive and can be applied at home or anywhere else.

The roll is similar to the Moleskin roll from Cramer Sports Medicine. Use it in a similar way to Mueller’s Heel & Lace pads.

Dimension can be 9 in x 4 yds, 7.6 CM x 4.6M or 5.1 CM x 4.6M. In all cases, thickness is 1/16″.


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