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Three Reasons To Wear An Ankle Brace In Toronto

Hogtown, The Big Smoke, T.O; whatever you call Toronto, there’s no doubt that it’s a special kind of city. However, it’s easy to forget how big and unique Canada’s largest city really is if you live or work in the heart of the everyday hustle and bustle. However, your perspective on the normal, run-of-the-mill city life can change very rapidly when you suddenly find yourself injured. Ankle injuries are one of the most common orthopaedic injuries in North America.  With that in mind, it may be a good idea to invest in an ankle support if you live in Toronto and have had a previous ankle injury. In fact, wearing an ankle brace in Toronto may be one of the best investments you can make.

Ankle sprains can happen at any age, to people of all abilities and in any situation. They can happen when landing awkwardly during a game of basketball. You can roll your foot as you run to catch the bus. You can throw the joint out of position while doing chores at home.

Ankle injuries are not exclusive to Torontonians or other city dwellers, but they can be especially tough on them. The elements that made you love the city yesterday can leave you grimacing in pain or frustration today because of that ankle injury.

Here are three special considerations that both health professionals and patients need to be aware of when managing an ankle injury, such as a sprained ankle, when living in Toronto. We also discuss how wearing an ankle brace in Toronto can help make city life easier, safer and more comfortable.


Toronto is a city of public transit takers. Nearly three million trips are taken on buses, streetcars and subways every day in the city. People use transit to get to work, to the grocery store or the bank, to visit friends and family and for many other reasons.

Taking transit is an essential part of  the lives of many Torontonians. However, when you add a sprained ankle, or any other ankle injury, to the mix, the daily jaunt on the bus or subway becomes fraught with risk, pain and obstacles. Whether standing for 30 minutes on a crowded bus or navigating the stairs in a subway station, taking transit with an injured ankle is no fun.

Ankle braces are one way to help ease this discomfort. An ankle brace will help keep the injured joint from bearing to much stress. They will also inhibit awkward movement when absorbing the sudden stops and starts of a bus or subway ride. Additionally, they will keep the injured ankle stable and immobile if bumped or jostled by fellow transit riders. This will prevent pain and discomfort and will make for a speedier recovery.


There’s no such thing as ‘normal’ weather in Toronto. Unpredictable rain, snow, sleet, hail or powerful wind can hit at any time. The sidewalks could be bathed in sun one minute and slick with precipitation the next. Needless to say, this mixed bag of weather is not ideal for someone with an ankle injury that needs to remain stable in order to heal.

Wearing an ankle brace in Toronto can help those with ankle injuries take on Mother Nature at her worst and come out feeling like a recovery is well underway. An ankle brace provides protection for the injured joint, keeping it still with little unnecessary flexion. This comes in handy when navigating a parking lot full of ice or slush on your way into the grocery store.

A brace is a great ankle stabilizer amid tough weather. But it’s important to note that using an ankle brace is only effective if you take care of it accordingly. Service your supports by washing away salt and mud. Additionally, make sure braces and socks are dry and repair worn out or broken elements or invest in a new brace. Your ankle will thank you.


There are still almost half a million people who walk or bike to work every day in the GTA. There are thousands of kilometres of hiking and biking trails, many pedestrian streets and over 1,500 parks and other green spaces in Toronto. Being active, whether it’s for work or leisure, is a part of life for Torontonians.

Having an ankle injury such as a sprained ankle is not conducive to living this sort of active lifestyle. That’s where using an ankle brace in Toronto may be a great idea. Ankle braces, and other orthopaedic supports, allow you to get back to being active faster than would be possible otherwise. They are often a crucial part of a full recovery plan, which includes stretching, physical therapy, rest and active rehabilitation.

Ankle braces (and other supports such as athletic tape) help reduce inflammation, pain and instability in the injured joint. They also provide mental comfort to those with injured ankles, helping them to be more active after an injury. After the initial period of rest and cautious, methodical rehab exercises, an injured ankle benefits from active rehabilitation. This is especially true in a city such as Toronto with lots of active pursuits to offer!

Woman Touching Injured Ankle - Wear An Ankle Brace In Toronto To Avoid Injuries
Wearing an ankle brace in Toronto can help you enjoy the many outdoor activity opportunities the city has to offer

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