DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover


The quality of the Dry Pro™ cast and bandage protector is unmatched. With the vacuum seal, it can’t even be pulled off.

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The DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover is a waterproof protector that allows you to swim, shower and bathe while keeping your casts, bandages and wounds completely dry.

The Cast Cover is also useful to those undergoing hydrotherapy right after surgery to help prevent swelling and stiffness and aid in a speedy recovery.

The DRYPro™ waterproof fabric is rugged and is made of durable high quality surgical latex. The special Non-Skid Grid™ protects the sole and helps prevent slipping during usage.

The pump has a dual function – it not only creates the vacuum seal but also works as a gauge showing that the vacuum is intact and cannot leak. So go ahead and ENJOY THE WATER!

DryPro Waterproof Cast Cover – Features and Benefits

  • Durable and reusable – made of durable high quality surgical latex
  • Non-skid Grid™ – designed to prevent slips
  • Completely waterproof – shower, swim and bathe
  • Slides on in seconds and the seal keeps water out 


Measure on the skin (not on the cast) around the leg an inch after the cast ends to get the circumference. The protector should come below the knee for a half leg, or above the knee for a full leg, but not on the knee.

X-small - length 19" (48cm) x opening circumference 7.75 - 11" (19 -28cm)
Small - length 29" (73cm) x opening circumference 14 - 16.5" (35 - 41cm)
Medium - length 33" (84cm) x opening circumference 16.5 - 21" (41 - 53cm)
Large - length 37" (94cm) x opening circumference 21"+ (53cm+)

Easy to Use:

Slip On - slide over the cast or bandage
Pump Out - the air using removable hand pump
Remove - when you're done, simply let the air back in and slide off
Enjoy the water!


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