Dunbar Medical Partners With The Toronto Rock

Dunbar Medical is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to be the official supplier of medical products to the National Lacrosse League’s (NLL) Toronto Rock. As the official supplier, Dunbar Medical will be responsible for providing the Toronto Rock with the medical equipment and supplies needed to keep their players in peak condition and to ensure their rapid and complete recovery from any injuries they may experience. Continue reading

Nurse putting on compression hosiery

Compression Hosiery Use For Various Treatments

Compression hosiery is an effective way to improve the blood flow. It is a common practice used in the therapies of several medical conditions. The primary function of the compression hosiery or stockings is to squeeze the area gently which allows the blood to move. It can effectively prevent the complications, such as blood clots which can occur due to certain medical conditions.

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Wrist Injury Braces

Things To Know About Wrist Injury Braces

Wrist injuries are one of the most common upper limb problems athletes experience while training or competing. Wrist injuries can occur from trauma, such as being hit or from falling, repetitive movements, or extended hand use. There are several methods used to help athletes recover from wrist injuries, however one of the most common and effective measures is to use a wrist brace, especially in conjunction with other forms of rehabilitation, such as physiotherapy. The following are some of the most common wrist injuries sustained by athletes and how they can use wrist injury braces to aid in the recovery process.

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Runner with Knee Injury receives help - may need to find a knee brace for running

5 Facts About Choosing A Knee Brace For Running

Running can be exhilarating, fill you with a sense of accomplishment and keep you active, but it can also be extremely tough on your knees. With all the pounding they receive step after step, the knees are one of the most commonly injured body parts for runners. Injuries range from the mild (like a strained knee) to the severe (an MCL tear). There’s even a whole knee injury named after runners (runner’s knee). That’s how common knee injuries are in those who hit the road or the track. However, an orthopaedic knee brace for running can help you to recover from knee injuries more efficiently and can also help prevent their recurrence. Here are five pieces of information all runners should know about knee braces:

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Athlete with sore back can experience benefits of back braces

The Benefits of Back Braces For Athletes

Almost every athlete relies on the back muscles, bones and ligaments to compete at the highest level. Soccer players twist their backs in mid-air to head a pass towards the goal, hockey players bear down and battle in the corners while stretching and bracing themselves with their back and basketball players pivot and jerk from side to side, manipulating their backs to get through the defence. No matter the sport or the arena, athletes must take care of their backs to maintain total health and excel. That is why orthopaedic supports, such as back braces, must be considered by athletes who want to be optimally healthy, recover from injury quicker and gain an edge over their opponents. Here are some of the key benefits of back braces to athletes in various aspects of sport, from training to recovery and competition and beyond.

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Man Wearing A Shoulder Brace

Wearing A Shoulder Brace

In this post, we examine key questions surrounding the use of a shoulder brace to manage the pain of shoulder injuries or other conditions. By the end of this article, you will be able to understand the operation of shoulder orthopedic supports and identify whether your injury might be treatable using such a brace. You should also be able to identify other treatments for your injury, some of which may be used in conjunction with shoulder bracing.

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Athletes wearing kinesio taping

Kinesio Taping Questions & Answers

Kinesio taping has become increasingly accepted in recent years as a viable alternative for the treatment of many sports, recreational and occupational injuries. Kinesio tape is particularly recommended for the treatment of repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome as well as delayed onset muscle soreness affecting athletes after a prolonged session of training or competition. We set out below three of the most commonly encountered questions about this taping technique, as well as the corresponding answers.

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Soccer Players Like The Ones Shown Here Are Particularly Well Positioned To Experience The Benefits Of Ankle Braces

The Benefits Of Ankle Braces For Athletes

The ankle is one of the most commonly injured parts of the human body. Ankle injuries can range from mild irritations to severe, debilitating injuries. When functioning properly, the ankles support 1.5 times your weight when you are walking or standing, and eight times your weight when running. They allow the feet to move up and down, creating the fluid motions of walking or running.Knowing how to care for your ankle and maintain healthy ankles is of the utmost importance for any athlete. We discuss below four sports in which ankle injuries are most common and the benefits of ankle braces for athletes in each sport.

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Elbow Brace

5 Elbow Brace Questions And Answers

Elbow Injuries can affect athletes in a wide range of sports and often plague those who only engage in recreational physical activity. They can even sometimes be the result of conditions not related to intense physical activity. Elbow injuries can be very difficult to recover from and require lots of rest, attention to physiotherapy and dedication to other recovery methods in order to get the joint back to full health. An elbow brace can make the recovery process more effective and is often a critical tool used to supplement other methods of pain relief and recovery. When used correctly, orthopaedic elbow braces can go a long way to ensuring you get back to full health quicker while also decreasing the risk of reinjuring the joint.

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Athlete nursing injured knee

How An ACL Knee Brace Can Aid Recovery

With the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) being one of four major ligaments in the knee, a proper knee support can help in recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery and is a recommended way to provide extra stability to the knee, give it time to heal and prevent further injury. Wearing a knee support after ACL surgery helps to control the motion of the knee joint and limits the range of motion around the knee, thus putting less load on the ACL. Patients generally find that psychologically, more than empirically, an ACL knee brace can help them maintain better balance.

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Using A Pad For Heat Therapy

How To Use Heat Therapy And Cold Therapy

When it comes to treating pain or injury, heat and cold are among the most tried and tested methods. While medical technology has made leaps and bounds in recent decades, many treatments for some of the most common injuries include using either heat, cold or a combination of the two. However, many people are tempted to use heat therapy and cold therapy as silver bullets, cure alls for any type of pain at any time. This incorrect assumption can lead to an inefficient healing process at best and an even more debilitating injury at worst. Here are a few tips on how to use heat therapy and cold therapy in the proper way to treat an injury.

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