Mueller® Sports Medicine was created to help elite athletes and weekend warriors stay in the game, and take their games to the next level. Their products help athletes prevent injuries, recover from them, defend against new ones and enhance performance.

They were the first company to offer knee braces with the patented triaxial hinge, which properly tracks the knee joint, providing near-normal motion. Another technological innovation is the Hg80® – Mueller Mercury™ line of light and comfortable braces that are breathable, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial. Yet a third is HydraCinn™ fabric, a moisture-management system that is soft, comfortable, durable and breathable for long term use, and that is featured in some Hg80® products.

The Mueller® Green, earth friendly, line of braces and supports made with non-petroleum based materials, and linings made of 67% recycled PET bottles, have proven to be among their most popular products.

We encourage you to shop this comprehensive range of innovative products for your team or clinical supplies. As always, we are here to help – please contact us if you need any help.

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