Waterproof Ostomy Protector

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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, X-Small

The quality of the DryPro Waterproof Ostomy Protector is unmatched. With the vacuum seal it can’t be pulled off.


The DryPro Waterproof Ostomy Protector is designed for the benefit of patients who have undergone an operation to create an ostomy, i.e. a surgically created bodily opening to facilitate the discharge of bodily waste.

The Waterproof Ostomy Protector keeps water, bacteria, contaminants and other foreign matter away from the stoma pouch and flange while you are taking a shower, bath or swimming. It does this using DryCorp’s patented watertight vacuum seal.

It is made of a high-quality surgical latex that can be used every day for years.

With the Ostomy Protector, you can enjoy your swimming, bathing and water sports with complete confidence. It enjoys popularity the world over with both patients and doctors.

If you have a history of latex allergies, please check with your doctor before using this product.

To determine the correct size for you, measure your circumference at the Stoma or around your waist.  Then choose your size from the table below:

X-small – circumference  24 -28″ (60 – 71cm)
Small – circumference 28 – 32″ (71 – 81cm)
Medium – circumference 32 – 36″ (81 – 91cm)
Large – circumference 36 – 40″ (91 – 101cm)
X-Large – circumference 40 – 44″ (101 – 112cm)

To put on your DryPro Waterproof Ostomy Protector:

  • Slip it on and stretch it over your ostomy opening or stoma pouch until the area is completely covered.
  • You should cover an extra inch on each side of the area you are protecting.
  • Ensure that the op and bottom edges are both smooth and secure against your skin, making a watertight fit.
  • Inflate the Protector using the included pump
  • Enjoy the water!
  • Afterwards, just lift the Protector from your skin to release the vacuum, and remove it.

DryPro Waterproof Ostomy Protector – Features and Benefits

  • Durable and reusable – made of high quality surgical latex material.
  • Comfortable and yet secure
  • Completely waterproof – take a quick shower, relaxing bath or even a refreshing swim
  • Enjoy improved quality of life


X-small - circumference at stoma 24 -28" (60 - 71cm)
Small - circumference at stoma 28 - 32" (71 - 81cm)
Medium - circumference at stoma 32 - 36" (81 - 91cm)
Large - circumference at stoma 36 - 40" (91 - 101cm)
X-Large - circumference at stoma 40 - 44" (101 - 112cm)

Easy to Use

Simply slide on making your Dry Pro™ comfortably secure
Pump out the air using removable hand pump
See and Feel the Seal™ - with the vacuum seal the Dry Pro™ is completely waterproof


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