Cramer Sports Medicine 750 Athletic Tape

Cramer Sports Medicine 750 Athletic Tape

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Cramer Sports Medicine 750 Athletic Tape provides high end performance at a budget conscious price.

This athletic tape is applied directly to the skin in order to maintain a stable relative position of bones and muscles during athletic activity. Maintaining muscles and/or bones in their correct relative positions reduces pain and aids recovery. Athletic tape is usually used to treat overuse or repetitive stress injuries.

Cramer Sports Medicine 750 Athletic Tape – Features and Benefits

  • Latex-free adhesive
  • Zinc oxide tape provides excellent tensile strength and superior conformability
  • Computer calibrated unwind for consistency throughout the roll
  • Highly comfortable back cloth
  • High-tensile strength
  • Easy hand tear
  • High-quality cotton tape at an affordable price

1.5" x 15 yds - 32 rolls per case


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