Ultra Light Elastic Adhesive Tape

Ultra Light Elastic Adhesive Tape

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The Ultra Light Elastic Adhesive Tape from Covidien is a tearable athletic tape that features high tensile strength, a consistent unwind and 100% usability.

The tape has optimum stretch and controlled recovery and remains stable in virtually all weather conditions. It also adapts easily to all body contours and offers maximum comfort and support while being latex free.

This tape is applied directly to the skin to maintain a stable relative position of bones and muscles during athletic activity. Maintaining muscles and/or bones in their correct relative positions reduces pain and aids recovery.

Therapists normally use Ultra Light tape to treat overuse or repetitive stress injuries. However, it can also be used proactively to reduce the risk of a sports related injury.

It is available in two sizes – 2″ x 5yds and 3″ x 5yds


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