Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap-Large

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The slip-in pouch and removable extension strap make the Mueller Sports Medicine Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap-Large the easiest and most versatile cold-hot therapy solution.

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap-Large provides either cold or heat therapy to larger areas of your body like the back, shoulder, knee or thigh.

The Cold-Hot Therapy Wrap pouch holds a 6″ x 9″ cold-hot compress against the injury site. It also provides an insulating skin barrier while you are applying the therapy. Without this protection, you could damage or burn your skin by keeping it in direct contact with the heated or frozen pack.

The IMueller Sports Medicine Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap-Large comes with a large wrap with an extension strap. A reusable 6″ x 9″ cold-hot compress is also included.

The wrap has adjustable side flaps and a removable extension strap to secure it in place. The adjustable nature of the side flaps provides the flexibility to adjust the hot or cold pack to fit snugly against the painful or injured area and provide maximum effectiveness.

Mueller Sports Medicine Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap-Large: Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is suited for treating acute injuries, such as you could suffer in a fall or a blow. It reduces your metabolism, slows down blood flow and causes your blood vessels to constrict. This further reduces blood flow and, with it, any bleeding that may be taking place. Use a cold pack that you have left in the freezer for a few hours to apply cold therapy using the Therapy Wrap.

Apply cold therapy for period of 10 minutes at a time with gaps of 2-3 hours in between. After 2-3 days of cold therapy, and if any bleeding has stopped, you can use the Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap to commence combined cold & hot therapy as the next step on your road to recovery.

Mueller Sports Medicine Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap-Large: Heat Therapy

 You can use the Mueller Sports Medicine Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap-Large for hot therapy as well. This might be the case when treating a chronic injury or overuse injury. However, cold therapy might also be appropriate for treating acute injuries that have not received correct treatment in the early stages.

To use the Cold/Hot therapy Wrap to apply heat treatment, use a microwave oven to heat the pack. Next, place it in the pouch of the wrap and slip the wrap on. Then proceed with your everyday routine while enjoying the pain relief of the heat therapy!

• Heat or chill cold-hot pack, following directions on the product
• Place cold-hot pack in pouch
• Attach extension strap, if necessary
• Fasten therapy wrap to body part securely with hook & loop

Care For Wrap: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry


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