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The LP MaxWrap is a versatile wrap that provides precisely targeted support and compression and avoiding unnecessary compression or restriction of uninjured areas. There are four varieties for the ankle, hand/elbow/patella, wrist or calf/hamstring/knee/thigh. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a wrap that provides both performance improvement and injury prevention.



The LP MaxWrap provides targeted support and compression and avoids unnecessary compression of areas that are not injured.

The wrap is an elastic bandage with silicone strips that provide strength and flexibility. The strips also enhance the support and compression to the area to which you have applied the wrap. In addition, they help the wrap to attach firmly to the skin and prevent slippage.

LP Maxwrap is equipped with silicone strips to maximize compression and support and avoid slippage against the skin
LP Maxwrap is equipped with silicone strips to maximize compression and support and avoid slippage against the skin

A key advantage of LP MaxWrap is that you can apply it with great precision – targeting the support and compression to the injured area and leaving the surrounding areas unrestricted. It allows for optimal support and compression while minimizing interference with your performance.

Four sizes are available:

  • 7.6cm x 101.6cm (3″ x 40″) – for use on the ankle.
  • 3.8cm x 101.6cm (1 1/2″ x 40″) – for use on the hand, elbow or patella.
  • 7.6cm x 27.9cm (3″ x 11″) – for use on the wrist.
  • 7.6cm x 139.7cm (3″x55″) – for use on the calf, hamstring, knee or thigh

The wrap is manufactured from a strong, non tear fabric and is designed to be easy to use and apply. It is multi functional and you can reuse a single wrap several times (unlike athletic tape, for example).

The fabric will not cause pain or irritate the skin. Consequently, it represents a great choice for you if you have a history of allergies or sensitive skin.

It is comfortable to wear and does not cause pain when you remove it (unlike athletic tape which can sometimes damage the skin during removal).

You can wash and re-use your LP MaxWrap without any concern about a degradation in performance.

In summary, LP MaxWrap represents a re-usable, cost-effective strapping system that offers you the ability to manage your injuries with the least impact on your performance.

LP MaxWrap – Indications

  • Weak/injured tissue
  • Performance improvement
  • Injury prevention



Washing Instruction:

Hand wash using cold water and a mild soap. Rinse thoroughly.
Air dry the wrap at room temperature. Do not use either machine washing or drying.

If you experience a rash or irritation, discontinue using the wrap and consult your doctor.


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