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Mueller Elastic bandages are latex free, washable, anti microbial and reusable and are an excellent solution for applying compression or support to soft tissue injuries or holding cold packs or wound dressings in position.  They are a secure Velcro closure, making removal and reapplication a simple matter.


Mueller elastic bandages are designed to be long lasting, washable and antimicrobially treated.. They can be used to apply compression to sports injuries or to hold cold packs in place.

Key features are:

  • They are easy to apply or remove;
  • They are particularly effective for applying compression to sports injuries like sprains or strains or for supporting injured soft tissues;
  • You can also use them to securely hold wound dressings in place;
  • Their long lasting property allows them to be repeatedly reused with no loss of elasticity or compressive capability;
  • They use a secure Velcro closure mechanism and so are easily repositioned;
  • They are latex free – so will provide no risk of medical reactions from those with sensitive skin.

Mueller Elastic Bandages – Instructions For Use

  1. Wrap over the area of application, taking care to overlap each layer at the start;
  2. Avoid wrapping too tightly as you may interfere with circulation;
  3. Secure the bandage using the Velcro end;
  4. Caution – please remove these bandages immediately if the patient complains of a loss of sensation (feeling) in any part of his body after the bandage is applied. You should also remove them if the patient complains of heat, cold or any unusual sensation after application of this elastic bandage. Do not reapply until a physician has been consulted;
  5. Remove the bandage before going to bed.

Mueller elastic bandages are available in sizes 5 CM x 4.5 M or 7.6 CM x 4.5 M. We suggest using the 5 CM size for injuries to smaller areas such as the foot, hand, wrist, ankle or elbow. The 7.6CM is better suited for use on larger areas such as the knee, leg, ankle or elbow.


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