Deluxe Woven Elastic Wrap

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4″ Deluxe Double Length, 6″ Deluxe Double Length

Deluxe Woven Elastic Wraps feature a breathable cotton body that minimizes heat build-up without sacrificing support. Its heat resistant heavy gauge rubber improves durability. Double length & washable.

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The Deluxe Woven Elastic Wrap is a tensor bandage made of heavy gauge rubber that will retain its shape and elasticity through several washings. Its high standard of construction ensures uniform compression over the injured area, with the result that you have a greater likelihood of a rapid and complete recovery.

You can use these deluxe wraps in sports medicine, physical therapy or rehabilitation work. They are used mainly to treat muscle strains and sprains, but they are versatile enough to also be used to hold hot and cold packs or other bandages in place. Additionally, you can use them to treat bone fractures or to address lymphedema and other venous disorders.

To use this wrap, please follow these instructions:

  • Position one end below the injury you are addressing;
  • Wrap up and around the injury site. Overlap at least half of the width of the wrap with each loop;
  • Finish with the end of the wrap above the injury site;
  • Fasten with tape or clips to hold the wrap in position.
  • Avoid wrapping too tightly or you may restrict blood flow or press against a nerve.
  • Remove at least twice daily, or if you experience tingling or numbness, as this may indicate pressure on a nerve.
  • Wash the wrap daily or whenever it loses its tension, whichever occurs more frequently. Tip – keep a spare wrap for use while the other one is being cleaned.

Deluxe Woven Elastic Wrap – Key Features

  • Breathable cotton body that allows you to remain cool without sacrificing support.
  • Cotton body that allows air circulation and controls heat build up.
  • Heat resistant heavy gauge rubber improves durability.
  • Double Length.
  • Washable.

If, after removing the wrap, you experience cramps or pain in the area it was applied, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. The same applies if you feel pain or numbness or if your limb remains cold or unusually pale.


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