Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap

Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap

The Latex-Free Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap  can protect your skin from tape, keep your hair away from your face, secure pads and socks or serve as a protective wrap inside hiking or skiing boots or athletic footwear.

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The Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap is a pre-taping foam underwrap that is traditionally used to help protect your skin from athletic tape.

An athletic trainer will commonly apply MWrap to the skin prior to completing a tape job. This improves the athlete’s comfort, as it prevents the chafing or skin irritation that could result from the direct application of the tape against the skin. Thin and lightweight, MWrap will form an effective protective barrier between the tape and the athlete’s skin without inhibiting movement. It also conforms to whichever part of the body the trainer is taping. It is also air permeable (breathable) for added comfort.

Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap is latex free, so you won’t have to worry about adverse reactions even if you have a history of latex allergies.

It is available in a variety of colors to choose from, so you can select colors that match those of your team or just choose a color that is fashionable and attractive to you.

This product is in bulk packaging – 2.75″ x 30yds (6.9cm x 27.4m). 48 rolls per case. However, MWrap is also available in retail packing.

Besides being used as a barrier to protect skin from athletic tape, MWrap has many other uses as detailed below:

Mueller Sports Medicine MWrap – Other Applications

  • MWrap can also keep your hair away from your face or hold or secure pads and socks.
  • Additionally, it can serve as a protective wrap inside hiking or ski boots or athletic footwear.
  • A trainer can use MWrap to hold hot or cold packs in place over an injury. When used in this way, MWrap will also provide mild compression which itself will have therapeutic benefits.
  • MWrap is also easy to tear but is much stronger in twisted form. As a result, it has been increasingly used in recent years to create straps to treat injured knee and elbow tendons. Used this way, it performs the same role as an elbow strap used to treat tennis or golf elbow, or a knee strap used to treat patellar tendonitis.


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