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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

The LP Athletic Supporter is a durable, comfortable jockstrap support that provides support and lift to prevent injury.

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The LP Athletic Supporter is a durable, comfortable jockstrap support for the sportsman. The supporter is ideal for use during exercise, training or any sporting activity and provides support and lift to prevent injury.

Originally introduced in the 1870s for cyclists, jockstraps support and protect  the male genitalia during cycling, running or other high intensity physical activity. The support consists of a waistband with a support pouch to hold the genitalia and two elastic straps. The straps connect to the base of the pouch and to both sides of the waistband at the hip.

Make sure your supporter fits you properly – waist size and pouch comfort are the critical factors here. It should be tight enough to hold your genitalia close to your body and out of the way during sporting activity. However, excessive tightness can lead to chafing and “jock itch”, so you need to strike a careful balance here.

You can also buy the LP Athletic Supporter with a built in cup to provide additional protection to the groin area.

Tip – consider wearing compression shorts with your supporter if you feel it is not fitting you closely enough. Compression shorts will augment the support from the LP Athletic Supporter. Many compression shorts will leave room for an optional cup for additional protection.

How do I put on the LP Athletic Supporter?

  • Step into the supporter, with one leg after the other. Make sure your genitals are in the pouch at the front.
  • Adjust the leg straps so that they lie flat underneath or against your behind. Remove any twists in the straps.
  • Put on your regular gym shorts (or compression shorts) over the supporter.

For which sports is the use of the LP Athletic Supporter recommended?

  • Any sport that involves running, e.g. track athletics, basketball or baseball.
  • Other sports (e.g. cycling) in which the male genitalia are at risk of harm. For contact sports like football, basketball or rugby, you should use your supporter with a cup for additional genital protection.

Besides sports, what are the other reasons to use the LP Athletic Supporter?

Athletic supporters are increasingly popular as an everyday choice of underwear. Comfort is one motivation for this change but, in addition, they are viewed as a fashionable and attractive form of clothing. In this case, waist size is the most important fitting consideration and pouch size is less important.

Your doctor may also advise you to wear the LP Athletic Supporter during recovery from surgery in the genital area.


Measure around the waist

Small - 26 - 32" / 66.0 - 81.3cm

Medium - 32 - 38" / 81.3 - 96.5cm

Large - 38 - 44" - 96.5 - 111.8cm

X-Large 44 - 50"111.8 - 127.0cm


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