Kinesiology Tape – 5m Continuous Roll

Try the Mueller Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape – 5m Continuous Roll for rapid rehabilitation for your sore, weak or injured muscles and joints. With its revolutionary wave pattern adhesive, it will lift your skin as you move to optimize your circulation and promote early recovery to full health.

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Kinesiology Tape – 5m Continuous Roll, when combined with the kinesiology taping method, will assist in rehabilitating from ligament and muscle strains, sprains and other injuries. It will also help restore normal function to sore, injured or weak joints. The tape features a revolutionary and proprietary wave pattern adhesive that moves with your muscles and facilitates rapid healing. Apply it to the skin in patterns that mimic your muscle movements to continue with your regular activities while your body heals. In addition to these benefits, it helps relieve swelling and edema.

This tape is wearable for up to 5 days and is versatile enough for up to 1,200 recognized applications. The adhesive used is mild and hypoallergenic so that those with sensitive skin will not suffer adverse reactions.

Construction is from 100% high grade cotton. The tape is latex free, breathable and highly elastic in order to accommodate full flexibility of the patient’s muscles and joints.

Sold and Priced by the roll (5 cm x 5 m).


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