Oppo Medical Gel Arch Cushions

Oppo Medical Gel Arch Cushions

Oppo Medical Gel Arch Cushions help reduce and absorb shock with each step and provide more cushioning and pressure relief to the metatarsal and heel areas. The Gel Arch Cushions have a built-in arch for proper foot alignment and a top cloth for comfort and moisture transport. They also feature an adhesive backing for staying firmly in place. One size.


Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Oppo Medical Gel Arch Cushions are designed to reduce and absorb the shock to the metatarsal and heel areas and the consequent pain felt by individuals with foot conditions affecting these two areas. They do this by equalizing pressure and redistributing your weight between these two areas.

They will be of benefit if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs or just sensitive metatarsal pads and/or heels due to an overuse injury. You will also enjoy relief from pain if you have been diagnosed with a heel strain, or collapsed arches (i.e. flat feet or over pronation) or if you just have general heel or arch pain.

They can be worn either inside your shoes or sandals or just barefoot. You can also choose whether you prefer to wear them inside or outside socks.

These Oppo Medical Gel Arch Cushions have a built-in arch that ensures that your feet are properly aligned. They are also equipped with a top cloth for added comfort and moisture absorption.

To ensure that they will remain in place throughout the day, the Gel Arch Cushions also come with an adhesive backing.

They are one size fits most (fit US shoes sizes 5 1/2 to 10). You can rest assured that they will conform to the shape and size of your foot and provide the highest level of comfort. One pair of cushions per pack.

To apply your Gel Arch Cushions, remove the backing and position them under the rear of each foot.

They are washable and reusable. To clean them, simply wash in warm water and air dry.

Please consult with your doctor before wearing these pads if you have diabetes or any other medical condition that affects your circulation.

Oppo Medical Gel Arch Cushions – Indications

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spur
  • Shock absorption

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