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The Oppo Medical Tabletop Display provides an attractive way to showcase the Oppo foot care products to your retail customers. Retailers can customize these displays to meet their individual requirements. In addition to the initial customization, they will be able adjust the display twice in the first 6 months after purchase with no restocking fee. They can ensure it contains the most popular products for the particular location and clientele.

The Oppo Medical Tabletop Display is ideal for store environments with limited wall space; it provides the ability to showcase a broad range of Oppo products with a very limited footprint, thus optimizing usage of store space.

The stand itself is provided with no charge and the price stated is for the following products comprising the recommended tabletop display:

  • OP6420-SM: Gel Hallux Straightener 2/PK Small (1)
  • OP6420-MD: Gel Hallux Straightener 2/PK Medium (2)
  • OP6420-LG: Gel Hallux Straightener 2/PK Large (1)
  • OP6422-SM: Gel Retractor Small 2/PK (1)
  • OP6422-MD: Gel Retractor Medium 2/PK (2)
  • OP6422-LG: Gel Retractor Large 2/PK (1)
  • OP6740: Gel Bunion Cushion One Size 1/PK (3)
  • OP6720-S/M: Gel Digital Ring Small/Medium (1)
  • OP6720-LG/X: Gel Digital Ring Large/Extra Large (2)
  • OP6425-SM: Toe Crest Silicone Small 1/PR (1)
  • OP6425-MD: Toe Crest Silicone Medium 1/PR (1)
  • OP6425-LG: Toe Crest Silicone Large 1/PR (1)
  • OP6781: Ball of Foot Gel Pads One Size 1/PR (2)
  • OP6700-SM: Gel Digital Pads Small 2/PK (1)
  • OP6700-MD: Gel Digital Pads Medium 2/PK (2)
  • OP6700-LG: Gel Digital Pads Large 2/PK (1)
  • OP6704-SM: Gel Toe Cap Small 2/PK (1)
  • OP6704-MD: Gel Toe Cap Medium 2/PK (2)
  • OP6704-LG: Gel Toe Cap Large 2/PK (1)
  • OP6760: Sandal Toe Separators One Size 2/PK (3)
  • OP6950: Arch Bandage OSFA (3)
  • OP6761: Sandal Ball Cushions One Size 1/PR (4)
  • OP6790: Gel Heel Sock OSFA (2)
  • OP6021: Foam Retractor Set of 6 SM/MD/LG (4)
  • OP6070: Foam Protective Pad OSFA  (2)
  • OP6020: Foam Oval Corn Pads One Size 6/PK (2)
  • OP6060: Foam Strips 8/PKG (2)
  • OP6080: Foam Ball of Foot Pads OSFA (2)
  • OP5451-N2: Silicone Heel Cushions Medium (1)
  • OP5451-N3: Silicone Heel Cushions Large (1)
  • OP5451-N1: Silicone Heel Cushions Small (1)
  • OP5460-SM: Heel Cushions With Removable Pads Small (1)
  • OP5460-MD: Heel Cushions With Removable Pads Medium (1)
  • OP5460-LG: Heel Cushions With Removable Pads Large (1)

The price is subject to adjustment if the included products are customized to meet individual requirements.



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