LP Athletic Support with Box

LP Athletic Support with Box

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The LP Athletic Support with Box is a jockstrap that also includes an impact and shatter resistant cup to offer durability and protection for the groin area..

This protective apparel supports the male genitalia during cycling, sports or other vigorous physical activity. The support consists of a waistband with a support pouch for the genitalia and two elastic straps. The straps connect to the base of the pouch and to both sides of the waistband at the hip.

LP has engineered the accompanying impact and shatter resistant cup with the lightest and strongest plastic available. As a result, it will absorb powerful impacts while providing injury protection.The protection of the cup is useful in many sports including hockey (both ice and field hockey), cricket, basketball and others. It reduces the risks of impact to the groin from a ball, elbow or other object that can cause injury.

Measure around the waist

Small - 26 - 32" / 66.0 - 81.3cm

Medium - 32 - 38" / 81.3 - 96.5cm

Large - 38 - 44" / 96.5 - 111.8cm

X-Large - 44 - 50" / 111.8 - 127.0cm


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