Kneed-It Knee Strap For Pain Relief

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The Kneed-It Knee strap relieves minor knee pain commonly associated  with arthritis, tendonitis and chondromalacia.


The Kneed-It knee strap relieves minor knee pain commonly associated  with arthritis, tendonitis and chondromalacia. It does this by applying gentle pressure along the medial and lateral soft tissues of the knee. It also provides pain relief by gently absorbing force at the knee and by applying compression and warmth across the soft tissue at the front of the knee.

The brace’s patented shape works in concert with the natural motion of the knee. Like its sister product the Band-It, the Kneed-It provides complete comfort over prolonged wearing periods. With this knee strap, you will have no problem wearing under your regular work clothes and benefitting from its therapeutic compression throughout the day. This is a critical factor that increases the likelihood of complete recovery.

The user can wear the brace on either the left or right knee. It easily adjusts to fit the contour of the patella and patellar tendon. This makes the Kneed-It Knee Strap a true One Size Fits Most Product.

It is made of durable elastic neoprene material. This is the ideal material to provide soothing warmth and additional pain relief.

If you are physically active, the chances are that you will have experienced chondromalacia at some point, or you may even be suffering from it now. The Kneed-It knee strap will help to releive your pain and put you back on the road to enjoying your favourite activities.

How To Fit Your Kneed-It Knee Strap Properly

For optimal benefits, make sure that you are wearing your Kneed-It knee strap with the correct tightness. Slide two fingers under the strap. If your two fingers cannot fit in that space, then it may be on too tight and you should loosen the strap slightly. If on the other hand, your 2 fingers fit easily and there is almost space for a third, you need to tighten the Kneed-It knee strap slightly.



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