Active Comfort Compression Knee Sleeve

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The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Knee Sleeve is an ultra lightweight knee sleeve that uses tech print technology to deliver outstanding compression, support and stability in a single package.

The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Knee Sleeve provides extra compression, support & stability via McDavid’s tech print technology. The sleeve is built with an ultra light weight construction that allows you to move in comfort.

The sleeve uses a 4 way stretch breathable fabric that offers moisture wicking capability. This keeps the user cool, comfortable and dry underneath. Perspiration and other sources of moisture can migrate through the material and evaporate on the outside.

The Active Comfort Compression Knee Sleeve comes in sizes XS, SM, MD, LG and XL. For best results, please be sure to consult the sizing chart situated under the Sizing tab on this page. Without getting the right size for you, you cannot be sure that you are getting all this sleeve has to offer.

Fits Left and Right, which helps to simplify inventory planning.

For help with questions your patient may have as he or she prepares to start wearing this knee support, please read this post.

McDavid Active Comfort Compression Knee Sleeve – Indications


  • This sleeve is a good choice to help mitigate the pain of knee arthritis or knee tendonitis. The compression and warmth both help to reduce the pain.
  • You can also use this sleeve to keep your knee warm while you rehabilitate during the process of recovery from injury.
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