Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve

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The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve uses tech print technology and a breathable 4 way stretch fabric to relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate tennis or golfers’ elbow.

The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve offers extra compression, support & stability, courtesy of tech print technology. The patient can move freely and in total comfort, thanks to the sleeve’s light weight construction. The compression of the sleeve assists blood to flow more freely though the site of the injury. This in turn promotes healing. Compression also promotes the removal of lactic acid and other waste materials from the injured tissues. This helps to reduce pain.

The sleeve also employs 4 way stretch material with breathable, moisture wicking capabilities. This allows your elbow to stay cool and dry beneath the sleeve. Perspiration and other forms of moisture can migrate through the material to the outside of the sleeve leaving the patient feeling cool, dry and comfortable underneath.

The McDavid Active Comfort Compression Elbow Sleeve comes in sizes, XS, SM, MD, LG & XL. Please use the sizing chart under the Size tab of this page to determine the correct size for your patient.

You can consider this sleeve for treatment of mild cases of tennis or golfers’ elbow.

For additional information on choosing the correct elbow brace for your patient, please read this post. If your patient has questions about wearing his or her new elbow brace, he or she may find the answers here.

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