LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap

Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap


With it’s hook and loop closure design, this elbow wrap will allow you to adjust the level of compression depending on if you need more or less to the area.   Also, the unique triangular pressure points offer extra pressure on the forearm muscle.

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The LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap is designed to reduce the pain and discomfort of golf and tennis elbow. However, the wrap also possesses a triangular pressure point to apply extra compression for additional pain reduction. This pressure point can also apply compression to treat additional (separate) injuries to the muscles of the forearm e.g. strains. Third, the pressure point will reduce the risk of future injury.

The brace  also has an adjustable hook and loop strap that allows you to change the level of compression depending on the circumstances. For example, you may choose to increase the compression before embarking on an activity that will transmit additional pressure through your forearm e.g. a game of tennis or a household chore. Once the event is over, you can then use the adjustable hook and loop strap feature to reduce the compression for greater comfort.

75% of the composition is closed cell neoprene foam and 25% is stretch nylon.

Who would benefit from using the LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap?

Despite its name, you can use the LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap to reduce the pain and discomfort of many activities besides tennis and golf. Only about 5% of tennis elbow cases, for example, actually result from playing a racquet sport of any kind. Any activity that transmits vibration through the forearm into the elbow area can cause either tennis or golf elbow. Activities that involve twisting your wrist  and/or employing your forearm muscles in an unusual manner can also cause these problems. Some examples are:

  • Gardening (e.g. using shears)
  • Painting (using either a paintbrush or roller)
  • Activities that involve a throwing action
  • Activities that require repetitive, precise movements of the hand or wrist, e.g. sewing or typing.
  • Playing the violin.

LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap – Indications 

  • Golfer`s elbow (Medial epicondylitis)
  • Tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis)


Measure around the elbow joint

One Size - 7 - 13" / 17.8 33.0cm


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