LP Tennis Elbow Support With Strap

Tennis Elbow Support With Strap


Product Attributes

Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

Great brace for relief of pain related to arthritis.  Also aids in the prevention and control of  bursitis and tendinitis. The added strap on this elbow support will allow you to adjust the level of compression when needed during certain activities.  Made with a neoprene fabric which will help in retaining heat to your muscles thus improving blood circulation.

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The LP Tennis Elbow Support With Strap will prevent and control your symptoms of bursitis and tendinitis. Additionally, it will relieve any arthritic pain you are experiencing.

Besides this, it protects the elbow during activity and (to avoid stiffness) allows limited movement of the elbow joint during the period immediately following injury or surgery .

The brace has an adjustable strap that can reduce the tension in your wrist and finger extensors while you engage in activities involving gripping. Many cases of golfer’s elbow are due to activities that require you to apply a strong gripping force. Consequently, the adjustable strap can be useful in reducing or preventing the development of golfer’s elbow.

It also allows you to vary the compression applied by the brace to match the needs of the moment. You can tighten the strap when embarking on an activity that will send vibrations along your forearm. The additional compression will help to absorb some of the vibrations before they reach the injured area. Once your activity is over, you can return the compression to its previous level.

In addition to permitting you to reduce gripping force and vary the compression as needed, the adjustable strap gives you the capability to apply compression to a second injury (of your forearm muscles, for example) if needed. So you can use this brace to treat or control compound injuries.

This tennis elbow support is manufactured from high grade closed cell neoprene. It is surrounded by stretch nylon for added comfort.

The choice of neoprene ensures that the brace will be an excellent source of compression as well as heat retention. The resulting body heat will warm your muscles and improve your blood circulation.

LP Tennis Elbow Support With Strap -Indications

  • Arthritis
  • Golfer`s elbow (Medial epicondiylitis)
  • Olecranon bursitis
  • Tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis)


Measure around the elbow joint

Small - 9 - 10" / 22.9 - 25.4cm

Medium - 10 - 11" / 25.4 - 27.9cm

Large - 11 - 12" / 27.9 - 30.5cm

X-Large - 12 - 13" / 30.5 - 33.0cm


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