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The Bio Skin Groin Wrap is made to be used in conjunction with Bio Skin’s Compression Shorts to provide additional compression and support to damaged groin, hip flexor or upper hamstring muscles, tendons or ligaments.


The Bio Skin Groin Wrap  is an accessory worn with the Bio Skin Compression Shorts to provide additional compression and support to a damaged hip flexor, groin or upper hamstring. As with all Bio Skin materials, the groin wrap is both latex and neoprene free.

These types of injuries are commonly encountered in sports that require players to lunge or twist sharply.For example, athletes in football, cricket, hockey or soccer are particularly at risk.

This compression, together with that of the Compression Shorts promotes blood flow into the injured region. It will also accelerate the removal of lymphatic fluids and metabolic waste from the area. The net result of these actions is less pain from your injured hip and a quicker return to full health.

The support will prevent the hip from externally rotating (abducting) and placing pressure on the injured muscles or tendons in the groin. These muscles and tendons will then have an opportunity for rest and repair without interference.

The user can change the tension of the wrap for a fit that is both secure and comfortable. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the compression it offers to fit the circumstances of the moment. You can increase the tension before embarking on a walk or some other form of exercise as part of your rehabilitation program. Once your exercise is over, you can reduce the tension for a more comfortable fit.

For best results, you should have a qualified therapist apply the Bio Skin Groin Wrap. If you apply it improperly, there is a risk of interfering with circulation to the lower part of the body. If you have to apply the wrap yourself, please watch the video under the Instructions tab on this page before attempting to do so.

Bio Skin Groin Wrap – Indications

  • Injured Hip Flexor
  • Hamstring Strain
  • Hamstring Injury
  • Groin strain
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