Hot/Cold Gel Pad

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The Bio Skin Hot/Cold Gel Pad is used for heat and cold therapy.
SKU: 97320

The Bio Skin Hot/Cold Gel Pad is a reusable, flexible gel pad used for hot and cold therapy. It slides into the lumbar pad of the current Baja, Back Flex or Back Plus back braces.

The pad can also be used by itself for effective relief of muscular pains and joint aches. It pad can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer.
You are recommended to have two or more hot/cold gel pads on hand to ensure consistent therapeutic treatment. While one is in use the other pad(s) can be recharging in the freezer or prepped in the microwave for repeated hot/cold therapy on sore muscles and joints.
This gel pad remains flexible at all temperatures to best conform to your body. It is made of a non-toxic gel with a durable outside cover for prolonged use.



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