LP Back Support With Stays

Back Support With Stays


Equipped with four pliable stays for extra support to your mid and lower back.   The warmth that the neoprene material offers, helps to aid in the healing process.  The interior of back brace is composed of a soft terry cloth lining.

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The LP Back Support With Stays supports your mid and lower back with no cost in terms of restricted movement.

Additional support comes from the four pliable stays with which the support is equipped. In addition to the extra support, the stays are a source of constant warmth to the muscles of your lower back. This warmth will also accelerate healing and reduce any back spasms you may be experiencing.

If you regularly lift heavy objects at work or the gym, the inclusion of stays with this brace will be a bonus for you. It will provide the extra lower back support you will need when performing these tasks. In our post on using a back brace to reduce lower back pain, we point out that regularly lifting heavy objects predisposes you to experiencing lower back pain.

The Velcro closure gives you the ability to adjust compression the brace provides. This allows you to adjust the fit of the brace to provide the support and compression suited to your needs. You can also adjust this over time (as your back injury heals) or increase the support when lifting something heavy.

This support is manufactured from neoprene one eighth of an inch thick, and is equipped with a soft terry cloth interior. The choice of neoprene provides optimal compression and warmth, both of which promote improved blood circulation. This combination provides a therapeutic treatment to muscle and joint pain or injury. As mentioned above, the warmth produced by the neoprene will promote healing and reduce the risk of back spasms.

This type of brace is also useful for improving posture or eliminating slouching (itself a key cause of lower back pain). By forcing lordosis (curve of the lower back) it constrains you to use your upper back to carry loads like knapsacks, thus reducing the risk of lower back pain or injury.

LP Back Support With Stays – Indications

  • HVD (Herniated Intervertebral Disc)
  • Lower back pain
  • Muscle strain/sprain
  • Poor posture/slouching


Measure around waist

One Size - 23 1/2 - 40" / 59.7 - 101.6cm


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