Super Lite AFO

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The Super Lite AFO ankle brace counters the symptoms of drop foot by holding the foot in the correct position and helping the patient to avoid dragging the affected foot while walking

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The Super Lite AFO Ankle Brace is designed to help correct cases of drop foot. Drop Foot (sometimes alternatively called foot drop) is a disorder characterized by difficulty lifting the front part of the foot. Patients with this condition will tend to drag this part of the foot along the ground while walking.

The Super Lite AFO is made from propylene, a choice that allows a semi rigid section to facilitate toe clearance and reduce foot dragging. Propylene also allows the user to trim the brace as needed in order to achieve a customized fit and greater wearing comfort. This helps with patient compliance.

User comfort is further enhanced by the open heel design. This aids ventilation and makes it easier to wear the brace in a regular shoe.

This is a one size fits all brace that is comfortable to wear and lightweight. Purchased for either the left or right foot and there are separate versions for men and women.


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